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Car Rentals

In this project, I developed a frontend web application, Car Rentals for hiring/renting cars using Car Rentals API, I built from the ground up using Ruby-on-Rails with JSON Web Token for authorization and authentication.

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In this project, I developed a frontend web application, catalog of financial values using Stock API, and collect the data from my React Application. It shows the most active stocks, top gainers, and top losers as well the ability to search stocks and show the latest stock news.


BookStore App

In this project, React and Redux were used to build a front-end application that helps organize and manage a bookstore. The project's basic features are rendering the current books available in the store, adding a new book to the store, and removing books from the store as well. All this using a simple restful JSON API I built using Rails.

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The Adventures of Cush

In this project, I utilize the Phaser 3 framework to build an adventure game with four levels comprising of snowman enemy and bomb at level 4 only. The player acquires points by collecting star coins. I used local storage to persist player scores as the player transitions to the next level/scene of the game. I also used the Leaderboard API to post the player's score, displaying the top 10 players on the leaderboard scene.



A simple Todo App using Webpack and ES6 by dynamically creating a majority of the DOM elements. Local storage was used to persist data across the user's session.


JobHint, A Twitter based design

In this project, I built a Job hint application based on a redesign of Twitter. Some of the advanced concepts explored in this project include. - Working with advanced associations, many-to-many relationships, a typical twitter follow, and follower relationship model. - Basic Authentication using just username - Used RSpec as the test suit with the help of shoulda-matchers and capybara for effective testing. Both unit and integration testing was done. - Used paperclip gem to achieve image upload for profile photo and cover image


Social Media App with Ruby on Rails

A social media application built with Ruby on Rails with the typical features of a social media application like, posting, commenting on friend's post, like or dislike a post, invite another user to friendship, accept or deny a friend request. In this project, I worked with advanced associations, many-to-many relationships. Performed application testing using RSpec with shoulda-matchers and capybara libraries.


DEF CON Uyo - Nigeria Conference Page

The project is a complete design on the DEF CON Uyo Conference page (Fictional). A design prototype from Cindy Shin CC Global Summit 2015. Complete design of the index, about, and ticket page designed using Grid, Flexbox, and Position alongside with other CSS concepts. In this project, SASS was utilized in compiling the style.css file. The whole idea of modularizing the styles was indeed a great take away in this project. Thanks to SASS. I used the CSS checkbox trick to implement the mobile menu.


NewsWeek Clone

In this project, Twitter’s Bootstrap framework was used to clone the website. It helped me gained a great level of understanding in using the different bootstrap v4 helper classes.


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