Rails Direct Uploads to Cloudinary Made Easy With Shrine

If you have been using Heroku often, you’ll notice that it is not suitable for persisting image storage and should not be used for any permanent storage. In this article, we simplify how you can perform direct uploads to Cloudinary in your Rails application, in order to persist your image uploads.

Rails Image Upload in 7 Simple Steps Using Shrine

File uploading is an important aspect of many Rails applications and image uploading, in particular, is one of the most important features. In this article, we’ll simplify the image uploading process in 7 simple steps to make your life easier, using Shrine.

Understanding RSpec Controller/Request Specs & Integration Test Using Capybara

In this article, you will gain an in-depth understanding of controller specs, request specs, and feature specs. You’ll learn how to use Capybara to describe a typical user story where all interactions are driven via the user interface.

Understanding RSpec Model and Helper Specs

As developers, tackling complex problems in bits and modules is common practice. Tests performed in the different parts of our application, in isolation, are called unit testing. These are usually done on the smallest part of the application.

Understanding TDD with RSpec in Ruby on Rails

If you’re a developer, then you have already performed a software test, whether you realize it or not. When you write a piece of software, to see if it's working, that's testing.

Rails View Helpers — Best Practices Guide

Helper methods are really handy and can help minimize errors in our code by having the logic in one place and let them handle just one particular task and handles it very well.

Toastr, a Perfect Flash Message Alternative for Rails

A flash message is a way to communicate information with the users of your Rails application so they can know what happens as a result of their actions.

Responsive Design — you’re doing it wrong!

Responsive design is not just about the web that automatically adjusts to different screen resolutions and resizeable images, but designs that are crucial for web performance.

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