Part-Time TSE


September 2020 - Present

Reviewed 200+ students’ projects on their technical abilities.

Gave students feedback to help them become the best programmers by assessing their code clarity, style, and best practices on project PRs.

I ensured that students understand their project objectives very well by arranging one-on-one video calls to help them attain mastery.

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Featured projects


Car Rentals

In this project, I developed a frontend web application, Car Rentals for hiring/renting cars using Car Rentals API, I built from the ground up using Ruby-on-Rails with JSON Web Token for authorization and authentication.

ReactReduxRails APIJavaScriptBootstrap


In this project, I developed a frontend web application, catalog of financial values using Stock API, and collect the data from my React Application. It shows the most active stocks, top gainers, and top losers as well the ability to search stocks and show the latest stock news.


The Adventures of Cush

In this project, I utilize the Phaser 3 framework to build an adventure game with four levels comprising of snowman enemy and bomb at level 4 only. The player acquires points by collecting star coins. I used local storage to persist player scores as the player transitions to the next level/scene of the game. I also used the Leaderboard API to post the player's score, displaying the top 10 players on the leaderboard scene.




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