Download Youtube on your mobile phone, tablet or pc without any youtube software downloader.

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I wrote this tutorial because I realize a lot of folks still call and ask “which software do I use to download youtube videos on my PC?”.

Well, my reply to them is usually simple and its the same reply I am going to share with you today. Lets get started. Fire up the browser of your choice and load, search for the video you wish to download. For this example the link to the video I want to download is a TEDx talk titled “Programming your mind for success…” and from the screenshot, if you look at the browser url it is


Now the real deal, simply add “ss” before the “y” in the youtube, so you should have a url that looks like

Hit enter key

The next screen is pretty straight forward, just like any other direct download link. You will be given the option to download the video size of your choice based on resolution.


Thats it….if you still have any issues please feel free to contact me at



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